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About Girls’ Brigade (GB) Ministries

Children and young women of all backgrounds, and of any or no faith, are welcome to join in with GBM’s activities.

GBM was pioneered in 2009 by the well-established and successful girls and young women’s movement, The Girls’ Brigade England & Wales (originally founded in 1893).

It exists to continue emerging, developing and sustaining relevant, responsive and relational initiatives that fulfil GB’s age-old and hope-filled vision to see Lives and communities transformed and enriched as generations seek, serve and follow Jesus Christ.

You’ll come into contact with GB Ministries through:

Here are a few examples of GB Ministries in action:

  • Consultation and support for churches looking to develop relevant outreach in the community
  • Sustainable activity that encourages achievement – using GB’s programme material, plus Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and GB’s own Queen’s Award scheme
  • Extended school clubs that help churches connect with children in their community
  • Resources – great tools for youth leaders to use as they seek to share Christian faith with children and young people
  • Events – from local camps to residential youth festivals
  • Mission opportunities where young people can get involved in leading local holiday clubs, children’s work at Christian events in the UK or on GB’s summer mission teams
  • GB Trading – the online shop of GB Ministries. It exists to add value to the lives of girls and boys, teenage girls and young women, especially in the UK. By raising money for our work, GB Trading enables GB’s local groups and innovative projects to raise the volume of hope among this generation

GB Ministries is part of a global Christian movement with a great history and a passionate vision for this generation and the future—to see lives and communities transformed and enriched as generations seek, serve and follow Jesus Christ.

Ruth Gilson, Director of GB Ministries